House & Davos Fuxagufer

Bob & Vicki Henry are retired and completed a major remodel of their home in Truckee, CA in 2014.  We are publishing this blog so that our friends can keep up with us and  to share our travels with others.   Our goal is to share location specifics, provide links to plan your trip and encourage others to travel.  We look forward to many good times with friends and family and travel now! Posts are infrequent so please add your email to the ‘Follow our Blog’ section and you will receive updates when posted.


I have to say we came to Truckee for the winters but after being up for a few summers-I’m loving all the great music venues and outdoor activities of summer even more than winter!

Check out my blog about Truckee – Tahoe activities when you have time.

24 responses to “About”

  1. Hi Vicki, just loved your update of our holiday with you and as i said before you both went above and beyond and i did things i never knew existed. Everything was a wonderful experience snd cant thank you enough. Hope i can do the same for you when you come to Davos. Take care you two and enjoyxxxxxx

  2. Great pics vicky and enjoyed all the adventures
    Am in NZ now and was in timefor the arrival of annalise grace toby and yanas praders baby. Am off to brisbane tomorrow which will be about 30o!!!!!! See you soon
    Lol maggixxxxxx

  3. I sure enjoy looking at your photos. Crater a Lake is so beautiful ….when you can see it without the snow. Strphanie

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