Australia’s Bibbulmum Trail

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The Bibbulmun Blog by Ian K. Brown is a beautiful and informative blog about hiking the Bibbulmun Trail in Australia. I’m a day hiker so I really appreciate this perspective of someone willing to backpack a trail like this!

We are on the trail. The two of us kicked off from Kalamunda , the Northern terminus of the Bibbulmun . There should be a straight pathway that leads us 1008km in a generaly Southern direction , and we are hoping to be walking for about 50ish days .We were like a pair of kids […]

via Day 1 Km 1 — The Bibbulmun

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They are up to day 25 and many posts cover multiple days so you can catch up quickly and then sign up for updates. Beautiful descriptions and pictures in his blogs.

Last year he did a blog about the Pacific Crest Trail along the ridges of the US West Coast and published a book with amazing pictures.

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Until the next time – be adventurous and enjoy this short life! Vicki and Bob

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