Spooner Lake, Nevada State Park

Happy Halloween! Yesterday, we decided to take a drive around Lake Tahoe and visit Spooner Lake Park which is part of the Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park. We have had unseasonably warm weather for late October so we decided to enjoy the freedom to drive around Lake Tahoe without any snow restrictions. Our hope had been to see the Aspen trees in full color since the trees in Truckee are showing beautiful autumn colors. This park has one of the larger parking areas, flush toilets, two picnic areas and connects to the Tahoe Rim Trail which is popular with both day hikers and backpackers. This map shows Spooner Lake and the hiking trails nearby. Being a Friday during Covid-19, we were surprised at how many people had the same idea as us.
The Spooner Lake Loop trail is just over 2 miles and goes around the lake
We have a book of easy Lake Tahoe walks and it recommended that we take the counter clockwise route. It starts with views of the lake through the trees and then brings you closer to the lake. We saw a couple of fisherman floating in large tubes on the lake and many birds all along the walk. Many benches with beautiful views are scattered around the lake not far from the trail.
Our first view of the lake, with bare Aspin trees across the lake
We soon realized that we were too late for the orange and yellow leaves of the Aspen trees, but the lake and other trees and bushes still provided beautiful scenery.
The trail just up from the lake alternated between Aspen groves and large pine trees
Some of these trees were very old, the tree trunks were huge for Aspen. We soon realized that we wouldn’t have seen as many lake views if the leaves were still on the trees. Next year, we will go earlier in the season.
Soon we were walking along the beautiful lake shore.
Beautiful lake views with reflections
We then were back in the trees and enjoyed listening to various birds.
This pine tree was so large and the limbs come almost to the ground. It reminded me of an octopus reaching out.
We saw a lot of these little pine trees holding large pine cones. They had dropped into perfect places to look like the little trees had grown the pine cones
Shortly, we were at the earthen dam which enlarged this lake in the 1980’s. Here the trail is much wider and goes over the dam giving a lovely view of the lake. We met many walkers that were just coming from the parking lot to see the lake and go back. I recommend that you walk around the loop, it is easy and has rewarding views.
View from the dam
After our walk we continued on to the South Shore of Lake Tahoe. Picked up a great sandwich at The Cork and More in town and stopped for a picnic before continuing our drive around Lake Tahoe back to Truckee. We saw beautiful fall colors on the Aspin trees in South Shore and as we headed through the Camp Richardson area. So our search for Aspen tree autumn foliage was a success!
Beautiful trees with the back drop of 2016 forest fire damage in the background
We drove past Emerald Bay. From there we continued on past Meeks Bay Campground which has a wonderful beach but was closed for the season. Emerald Bay. Then back to Truckee.
Emerald Bay, an Oct 2019 photo with a dusting of snow
A wonderful day, beautiful weather and different scenery from our local daily walks.
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  1. Looks like a beautiful area to walk in. Sounds like you guys had a great time.

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  2. Vicky, Great pictures and it looks like a great hike. What elevation is it? Aloha
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