Galapagos – 16, Great Frigate Birds

Enjoy these pictures of Great Frigate Birds, it was mating season and they seemed to be on all the islands.  The males have the red pouch under their throat which they inflate to attract female birds whenever the females fly over the males.  Sometimes the females are impressed and land next to the male birds and sometimes they just ignore them.  Then the crowd of male birds let the bladder deflate and wait for the next flyover. Great Frigate birds do not land in the water, their preferred food is various types of boobies and smaller birds but they also hook fish near the service with their beaks.  Fantastic birds to watch!

Also, I finally can show you Kai’s video that he put together from the first 5 days of our cruise with underwater shots.  He did a great job showing the different areas.  He is the photographer in the video and his companion is shown in many of the shots.

Great Frigate Bird Photos


Frigate bird soaring, they do no to into the water but can catch fish on the surface


Male frigate bird hitching a ride on the Anahi


Female Frigate hitching a ride on the Anahi


Juvenile Frigate bird in flight

Close up shots of the male Great Frigate Bird displaying for the females from our naturalist


Look at me!


Ok, I’m waiting


Really, no ones interested?


Finally, a couple!

I am adding these picture posts as short posts as I prepare the final posts.

Galapagos – 15
Galapagos – 17
Galapagos – 19


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4 thoughts on “Galapagos – 16, Great Frigate Birds

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  3. What amazing birds and I loved the silhouette of the frigate in flight. Gotta feel sorry for those males wearing their red hearts on their sleeves as the females fly by without giving them a second glance. They’d be something to watch. I can only dream…
    xx Rowena

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