Fall is in the air…

Yes, I know this isn’t the next post about the Galapagos. This is a detour post to share the joys of fall. I will get back to finish the Galapagos posts as soon as I have time to get thru the pictures and sit at my computer. 

In Truckee, the cold nights have brought out some beautiful colors.

Aspen Tree, Truckee, CA

Aspen Tree, Truckee, CA

From Truckee to the coast…

We have been on the road a lot.   Took a quick trip to the California coast and came home along the Russian River. Stopped to pick up some redwood lumber at Barry’s Sawmill in Cazadero,  Ca.

Barry’s Sawmill, Cazadero, CA
Fall landscape, Cazadero, CA

Beautiful Fall decorations near the parking lot.  And, gorgeous trees all around.

Redwood Trees

Further inland, beautiful vineyards near Korbel Winery.

Korbel Vineyard

A quick week on the road but oh what beautiful scenery we have in Northern California!  I hope you get a chance to go for a drive near you to see the fall colors!

Next up, more of Northern California as we travel to Lassen National Park, Burney Falls, then into Oregon.  I’m using this opportunity to try out the Word Press App for my phone without bringing a computer along.

Thanks for checking in!


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