A few wintry days in Lucerne, Switzerland

Lucerne (Luzern) in Winter!
After skiing in Davos for two weeks we took the train back to Zurich and then to Lucerne to visit another good friend. We arrived to cold, damp weather but still enjoyed our visit!

We stayed at Ameron Hotel Flora Luzern, we booked through Booking.com and the hotel was perfect!  Beautiful rooms, great staff and close to old town, the Rosengart Museum, great restaurants, the main train station and buses.  As in Davos, we received a free Visitors card with our hotel which allowed us to take all the Zone 10 buses and trains for free.

Since the weather was rather gray, this post will be a lot of links and information with fewer pictures than most of my posts.


Upon arrival our friend, Margrit, met us and we walked across the Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrucke) into Old Town. She showed us some of her favorite sights and gave us some ideas for the next day. The town is located on Lake Lucerne and the Reuss River flows out of the lake.


Margrit and Bob


We took a delightful detour over the Spreuer Bridge (Speuerbrucke), past the Jesuit Church and into town thru a pedestrian walkway with many shops and restaurants back to the main street, Pilatus Strasse. We stopped into La Vie en Rose to warm up.  This is a grand coffee house and reminded me of a Vienna Cafe that was modernized. We loved it!  This also brought us back into the main town and Margrit was able to show us easily how to find our hotel, the larger bus stops and pointed out where we were in relationship to the train station.  From their we took a bus into the Lucerne suburbs to pick up Margrit’s car and drive out into countryside to her sisters flat.  They made us a wonderful Raclette dinner and we had a wonderful time visiting with her sisters.


Margrit and her sisters

A guided Walking Tour

A large visitors center is located in the Train Station. We signed up for a 9:30 am walking tour. It was great and gave us a nice orientation and history of Lucerne.  We started at the train station, heard about the Convention Center, then were shown the Ferry piers and then to the Chapel Bridge.  Our guide discussed the history of the bridge and water tower and the fire of 1993 which did so much damage to the bridge and paintings.  Then we walked into the Old Town to see the beautiful painted buildings and hear their history.


Beautiful building


Painted building that was a Jewelry makers


Ornate signs in Old Town


Another beautiful old sign

In Old Town, many buildings have ornate signs hanging that identified the business to those that passed by.


Needle Dam

Believed to be the only working Needle Dam (Nedelwehr) still in existence. Installed in 1859/60 it still regulates the water flowing into the river.  However, it is not the only dam.  Each ‘needle’ is a pole.  The workers go out on a very narrow walkway and remove the needles to let more water flow and add more needles to slow the flow.  Very interesting.

Jesuit Church


Jesuit Church, across the river from Old Town


Inside Jesuit Church

The Jesuit Church (Jesuitenkirche) was established around 1666.  It is still in use and just beautiful.


The Jesuit Church at night


Easter window displays


The Easter displays in various windows were so pretty!

Town Walls and Towers (Museggmauer & Turme)

We got as close to the walls and towers as we could with the weather. The wall built between 1350 and 1408 has nine different towers. The Zyt tower has one of Lucene’s oldest clocks and it still works!  If you go in Spring or Summer, you can walk a trail along the walls and go up some of the towers.  Definitely, we have to go back!


The old town wall coming up from the river.  The first tower looks like a castle tower and the next a steeple


Another view showing more of the towers along the wall.  Each tower is different.



We walked up many streets outside of the wall, this is as close as we could get to the wall and a tower.

Lion Monument

The Lion Monument (Lowendenkmal) is north of Lowenplatz. A short walk from old town and free to walk up and explore. Designed in 1820, the monument commemorates the death of many Swiss Guard troops killed during the French Revolution in 1792.


Lion Monument

Ferry and Transportation Museum

We took a water ferry from Pier 1, just in front of the Train Station on the lake, to Lidostrasse to visit the Swiss Transport Museum (Verkehrshaus der Schweiz).  We took the bus back and choose to take the Ferry just to get out on the lake. This museum is fantastic! I love transportation and the Swiss have some of the most efficient transportation systems we have encountered in all our travels. This museum has a gigantic space. It has more trains, train simulators and exhibits than I Have ever seen at a train museum. In addition it has separate indoor and outdoor exhibits of planes, boats/ships and space. It has numerous hands on activities. Definitely can fill a day!

The ferry stop and ferry.  The ferry was not part of our pass, but it was so nice to be on the water.


Sample of train displays;  many simulators, trains and wonderful history of Gotthard Base Tunnel which opened in 2016.


Road Transport building.




This looks like a ‘Matchbox Car’ display, but this is full size cars, 7 stories tall.  They bring a car out mechanically about every year and tell about its history.




British Woody

Navigation and Tourism building.  Sorry, no indoor pictures.  It was very interesting.


Part of the outdoor exhibit plus a full exhibition hall

Aviation and Space Travel exhibits were outdoor and in another large building.  This area is huge, almost overwhelming with the amount of air craft in the building, plus simulators and space travel section.


After the Transport Museum, Margrit and I went to visit some more of her family.  We ate at a wonderful restaurant outside of Lucerne, Wirtschaft Trumf-Buur.

We were only in Lucerne from Saturday afternoon until Wednesday afternoon.  We packed a lot in but have much more to see in this beautiful part of Switzerland. Below are scenes of the countryside.  Our friend drove us out to some of her favorite places.


We also went to Burgenstock Resort to see the views.  What a lovely area.  I can only imagine how magnificent the views would be on a clear day.  You don’t have to stay at the resort to visit.  You can take the ferry and then take the funicular up and back.  The Burgenstock Mountain is what gives this area its name.



Burgenstock Mountain, Lake Lucerne and more of the Alps across the lake

After a long day of sight seeing and driving for Margrit, we went to dinner at a lovely Thai Restaurant near the university area in Lucerne.  Margrit headed home and we went back to pack for leaving the next morning.  Overall a great time!

Our parting view of Lucerne as the snow fell softly as we headed to the train station for Zurich.  This was March 21, 2018.


In Zurich, we stayed at the Welcome Inn which has shuttle service directly to and from the Zurich Airport.  We took the train directly to Zurich Airport on Wednesday afternoon, had a relaxing dinner nearby and took the early shuttle back to the airport.

A nice surprise, we were flying on a Airbus 8380.  This plane has four jet-ways to load and currently is the largest passenger jet flying.  It has two stories of passenger seating.  It was our first time on this plane.


Airbus 8380, with 3 of the four jet-ways showing.


Until the next time – be adventurous and enjoy this short life! Vicki and Bob

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Switzerland in Winter! Beautiful!

Winter came very late to Truckee/Lake Tahoe area. We had very little snow during January and February. Luckily due to snow making, the ski season was not a bust. In March, we had made plans to go to Davos, Switzerland to ski with dear, longtime friends. Of course, it started snowing in Truckee/Lake Tahoe area the moment we left town. Hopefully, for those in California they enjoyed the new snow and lovely powder. We enjoyed new snow in Davos and some brilliant days.


Starting point for skiing from the Joch Restaurant on Parsenn

Snow can be a lucky omen. While the snow at home was much appreciated, even more so we appreciated escaping the East Coast just hours before a ‘nor’easter‘ arrived to shut down most of the eastern USA. We traveled from San Francisco, CA via Newark, NJ to Zurich, Switzerland so we were very lucky to make our flights. While we were gone, the east coast had two more huge storms and delayed many flights when we planned to come home too. Again, luckily we had booked a Zurich-London-San Francisco flight and left a day after the last big east coast storm.


Coming down the mountain in the Parsenn Bahn with Davos below.

The Davos-Klosters valley area is rimmed with mountain ski and boarding resorts which are all accessible with one Regional Ski Pass called a ‘Rega’. The Rega also gives the holder access to trains and buses between the ski towns and within the towns. So once you reach Zurich, you don’t need a car for anything! To get to the region we bought round-trip train tickets from Zurich Airport Railway (just downstairs from baggage claim) to Davos. Then we used our Rega and Hotel Bus Pass for transportation all over the region.

See Adobe PDF maps of the overall ski area:
Parsenn and Madrisa:
Jakobshorn and Rinerhorn and Pisha
You can review the mountains and more information about the area here:
On this website, you can see the ski pass fees and the Regional Pass which you can purchase for consecutive days.  Don’t worry that you may not ski or board one day. There are plenty of gondolas and lifts that take you around the mountains with just your walking snow shoes. You still generally come out ahead with this access plus being able to ride the local trains and buses.

If you are making your own accommodation bookings, recommend that you take a look at these two websites:

Often these hotels will offer some free additions such as regional ski pass or breakfast along with accommodation. It is worth checking and asking for any special promotions.

Booking.com, hotwire.com and other traditional web accommodation sites can also be used to price compare.

We stayed at the Gemsli, a small pension.  This hotel has rooms and guests share the facilities.  A few blocks walk from the Davos Dorf Train Station.


The Gemsli; Italian Restaurant and Pension where we stayed during our two week visit

Davos (yes, the same town where the World Economic Forum is held yearly) is constantly in flux.  Some old building remain, many modern structures from the last 40 years are regularly torn down and modern structures are added.  But the town still retains a small town feel and has many quaint features.


Old house, along the main road with owls carved into logs.  Most likely to protect the garden.


Weber’s Bakery window, Davos Dorf


Just before Easter, beautiful window displays

We generally start out the trip with a day to rent skis and poles, get our regional passes and take a walk around Lake Davos, ‘Davoser See’.  The lake is partially drained at the start of winter.  Often freezes enough to walk on and has a beautiful walking trail away from traffic.

Below are some pictures from different ski areas.

Rinerhorn, probably the least crowded of the mountains.  It has one main gondola with a run back down to the gondola entrance and many runs reached by T-bar lifts.  It also has great sledding tracks.


Bob and Vicki, cold but beautiful morning

Jakobshorn, is another great mountain.  It has great skiing, restaurants, activities and walking trails.  We skied there two days, but one day was lots of snow and the other was skiing so not many pictures.


One of the beautiful restaurants on the mountain

A few of us decided to just go for a walk on Jakobshorn and it was a beautiful walk.  We took the chair lift up to meet the group at the restaurant for lunch and then walked down to Cavadel and then took the bus back to town.

Another day when it was snowing a lot, we took the train from Davos Dorf to Klosters and walked around then took the train back to Davos Dorf.  Train pass was included with our ski and bus pass.

We also took a bus out to Madrisa ski area to look around.  You can either ski down to Klosters from Parsenn runs and then take the bus to Madrisa and ski or just take the train and bus to the Madrisa ski area.  Unfortunately, it was snowing so hard that we didn’t see too much on the gondola ride up and down.  Our group did not make it back to that area to ski another day so I don’t have pictures.

Parsenn ski area is the largest area and has the most runs.  It seems like the runs go on forever and it has many mountains to cover.  Parsenn is reached by either the Parsenn Bahn which is a funicular railway in Davos Dorf or by the Gotschna Cable Car from Klosters.  We skied here many days.  If you are not skiing, you can see much of the mountain and get to many mountain restaurants by taking the Parsenhutte Cable Car or the Schifer Cable Car.

Views around the top of the Parsennbahn:

Views from taking the run down to the Parsennhutte Tram:


Restaurant just past the entrance to the Meierhoffer run


Parsennhutte restaurant and tram entrance

View of the Schifer Gondola and restaurants within walking distance of the gondola:

A friend and I took this trip on the Schifer without skis and had a lovely day!

A few pictures of the run from Parsenn to Klosters, a beautiful long run.


Starting above the tree line


Skiing pass the Parsenhutte run and over to a lift to get you up the next mountain


Following the trail around to the back of the mountain


Coming around the mountain to see Klosters valley


A run along the mountainside


Steep drop off, below is Klosters


Down into the trees and past farm houses


More of the run in the trees


Stopping point to go to the restaurant


Klosters Schwendi


Following the trail down to town, then to the railroad station.

The run to Klosters is always a highlight of this trip as you get to ski so much different terrain and have so many beautiful views.  Part of the group took the Gotschna Cable Car back up to the mountain to continue skiing and others took the train back to town.  From Parsenn you can also ski down Wolfgang and take a bus to Davos or ski down to Davos from the Rapid ski run at the top of the bahn.  These runs are definitely advanced intermediate or expert depending on your definition.

Another place to see great views is to take the Parsennbahn down the mountain in the front car.  The trains meet along the route and on a clear day the views are amazing.


The Parsenn bahn coming up the hill


Another view as the bahn approaches


From the front car going down the tracks


The approaching uphill bahn


Close passing


Looks like the train will drop off to Davos below

I hope this gives you a taste of the beauty and vastness of skiing from Davos, Switzerland.  My next post will be of the last few days of our trip in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Until the next time – be adventurous and enjoy this short life! Vicki and Bob

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