6. Introducing Larry and Elder…

Well it’s time I introduced you to Larry Buranzon, General Contractor, and Elder Perez, Carpenter.  These two great carpenters have been helping Bob since the July 11th start date every week, Monday thru Friday.  Larry has over 30 years in the building trades and has been a General Contractor in the Truckee/Tahoe area for about the past 10 years.  Elder and Larry have worked together on many projects over the last 8 years.  They have helped Bob immensely with all the new code requirements, major structural changes, calling in great sub-contractors and keeping the job moving forward every day.

The first challenge was to take out that structural wall left over in the old kitchen.  They put in ‘shoring’ which is basically BIG posts connected to both the rafters and the floor a bit away from the wall to be taken down. In some cases they do this on both sides of what is being moved. This holds the rest of the house in place while they do the work to send the load where it will be in the new layout.

Between the kitchen and atrium they added ceiling joists in the atrium area, moved out the old headers that would have been hanging down into the new kitchen dining area and put in a new, stronger beam up into the ceiling area and attached it all together with Simpson Strong Tie metal fasteners.

Then they removed the old sliding door and atrium windows and framed in the location for the new sliding door which will be at the end of the dining area.  They also framed in the area which will be the new entry front door and side windows which should arrive any day.  Each night they cover these openings with plywood to keep the critters out and give us some privacy.  They are waiting to frame in the new kitchen window until the electrical panel is replaced because the large metal pipe is actually the electrical service that comes in from the telephone poles to the top of the house and then runs thru this pipe down to the old electrical panel near the 1st floor entry door.

New slider and front door openings from the inside.
New slider and front door openings from the inside.
View of new openings from the outside.
View of new openings from the outside.
Plywood is our temporary closure to the outside each evening.
Plywood is our temporary closure to the outside each evening.

As you saw in earlier posts, Bob had done most of the interior tear out before they started.  But, it seems like every week there are more places to take out sheet rock or sub-floor to get to some hidden place that will need work for structural changes, electrical panel changes and/or plumbing.  Our house looks like a very large mouse was loose making new holes in the sheet rock. Bob is acting as the ‘gofer’ (AKA go for this and that) to the hardware store, dump and Home Depot during the week.

Large Mouse holes
Various holes in parts of the house we were not remodeling!

On the weekends we clean up the scrap piles again and go to the dump and usually Home Depot to get ready for next week. We also try to take Sunday off to relax and recharge for the next week.  Luckily, Larry has connected us up with some supply houses that make deliveries of much of the hardware and lumber needed.  Truckee Tahoe Lumber must love us; they seem to bill us every day and deliver more lumber as each step moves forward!  This way we don’t have to store a lot of lumber and also don’t risk it disappearing overnight.
As of August 5th Bob tells me just a few more walls and ceilings need to be removed for the new electrical changes in the living room and hallway!  Do you know how messy sheet rock dust is?


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  1. What a difference including the atrium area with a flat ceiling makes. You are really making lots of progress!

  2. Yes we know how messy sheet rock dust is first hand and we are still cleaning it up! It is coming along nicely. Betty and Kelvin

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